#1 Black

Platinum 3776 is named after the height of Mount Fuji in meters.
To fit the hand and prevent it from slipping,deep convolutions are carved throughout the barrel.
These convolutions reflect the heat of the hand when the pen is held.
They work like a radiator of a car. This prevents the air in the barrel from expanding,
and results in a consistent flow of ink. The feel of this "convoluted holders" is very unique and
is the first design of its kind in the history of fountain pen manufacturing.
14K Gold
Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
Model No. #1(F) 1537012 (M)1537013 (B)1537014
AS resin
143.0mm(full length) x 14.5mm(max. diameter)
C-0 4000129


#1 Black

Platinum pen's two slit nib is a most extraordinary feature with its two slits.
This design enables you to write horizontal lines and broad vertical lines as smooth as silk.
Great for calligraphy or writing free hand sheet music. Pen aficionados from around the world
agree that this is the most unique and best performing italic nibs made.
14K Gold
Model # #1(MU) 1528016
For Nib point size Sample, please access here
AS resin body with two slit nib.
136.5mm(full length) x 14.5mm(max. diameter)
C2N 4000257


#1 Black

Pen nib is the 18K Gold Rhodium Plating.
The deep vibrant color of our resin pens is set off by high quality metal trim,
carefully finished, polished and rhalium plated.
14K Gold Rhodium
F(Fine), M(Medium), B(Broad)
Model No. #1(F) 1538013
#1(M) 1538013
#1(B) 1538014
For Nib point size Sample, please access here
AS Resin
136.5mm(full length) x 14.5mm( max. diameter)
C2N 4000257

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